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  First, Job Title: Sales Manager


  1. University degree or above;

  2. Five years relevant work experience; a lighting project or product, semiconductor optoelectronic products, sales and marketing experience;

  3. Has a strong oral communication and negotiation skills;

  4. That in the relevant areas of marketing and development, complete customer visits, to explain the basis of technology and solutions, etc.;

  5. Personalities steady and strong execution, with a strong sense of responsibility and mission, have good ethics, good temperament.

  6. To meet the company's development, adaptation to work out.


  1. Responsible for the LED display and lighting products, sales and promotional efforts;

  2. Responsible for the lighting project bidding;

  3. Responsible for the stadium bidding weak systems engineering work;

  4. Is responsible for customer service follow-up visit and help.

  Second, Job Title: Project Manager


  1. Bachelor degree or above in electronics related fields; with the relevant qualification certificate is preferred;

  2. Five years in project management and customer relationship marketing and processing experience;

  3. Good planning and implementation, coordination and interpersonal communication skills, initiative, with sense of team, with a high sense of responsibility, able to withstand strong pressure, a strong ability to work independently;

  4. Proficiency in office software, project management software and mapping software;

  5. Honest, confident, high degree of enthusiasm; have a good team spirit, professionalism; good observation and response capabilities, good sense and communication skills.


  1. LED display and lighting products involved in the project's pre-sales;

  2. LED display and lighting products is responsible for project implementation plan, organize, control, coordination and installation work;

  3. Responsible for project technical guidance, project operations to solve technical problems arising in the course;

  4. Responsible for the preparation of project work instructions and operating procedures and other technical documents;

  5. Involved in the project resolved major issues in the work.

  Third, Position: Personnel Administration Manager


  1. Human resources, administration bachelor degree or above;

  2. Medium-sized enterprises more than five years experience in personnel administration;

  3. A wealth of human resources management and development experience, proficient in national, regional labor laws and policies;

  4. Proficient in the work of six modules of human resources processes and management methods, especially good at human resources planning, recruitment, performance management and human resources development, management modules and a practical operation of a successful case;

  5. With excellent professionalism and moral qualities, strong communication, organization and coordination skills, have excellent professional skills and overall capacity, with the development of evaluation programs, and organize and carry out evaluation of the implementation of strong communication skills;

  6. The implementation of strong, innovative spirit and team cohesion, communication, coordination, excellent organizational skills, good writing and language skills, and good outreach, public relations capacity;

  7. Guangzhou City residence priority.


  1. Assist in the development, supervision, implementation of administrative rules and regulations of the company to carry out routine administrative work of the organization management and implementation;

  2. Collection and understanding of the dynamic work of various departments to assist the general manager to do an integrated, coordinated the work of various departments;

  3. In charge of human resources, the specific work of six modules.

  IV, Job Title: Pre-clearing engineers


  1. Budget and final accounts, financial and other related professional degree or above, more than five years experience in cost management related positions, with field work experience is preferred;

  2. Familiar with the work of economic analysis and audit settlement work; a cost engineer or equivalent professional qualification preferred;

  3. To understand the market price information, understanding of relevant economic laws and regulations, are familiar with the terms of the contract works;

  4. Familiar with the tendering process, familiar with the preparation of quantities;


  1. Responsible for the preparation of project bidding and budgets and project cost estimates, based on a fixed budget, construction schedule and other information, is responsible for reviewing the project budget and final accounts provide the basis for the control of project costs;

  2. Responsible for the preparation of project bidding and construction sub-tender budget and analysis, responsible for the construction project amount of field measurements, preparation of construction tender costs and inventory costs, for construction of final accounts;

  3. To invest in the project estimates, economic evaluation, improving economic efficiency, the cost for the project investment decision-making basis;

  4. Monitoring the implementation of the cost of the project status, project management resources, to provide support for leadership decision-making.

  V. Position: Lighting Design Engineer


  1. Architecture, landscape design, art and other related undergraduate or graduate;

  2. Two years work experience, with lighting design experience is preferred;

  3. Renderings of architectural and landscape as well as some understanding of other media system;

  4. Understanding of environmental art, art or lighting technology and electrical knowledge, knowledge of building structures is preferred;

  5. Proficiency in cad 3dmax photoshop and other software;


  1. Responsible for the effects of the project plans and programs designed to report interpretation;

  2. Each project selection conventional lighting products and related work;

  3. Responsible for the design work, able to complete lighting design;

  VI, Job Title: Sales Assistant


  1. Marketing or related professional college education;

  2. Two years relevant work experience;

  3. Trained in marketing, financial knowledge, contract management training;

  4. On the market have a more profound understanding of marketing efforts; understanding of the use of statistical software; Proficiency in office software and office automation equipment; have a strong ability to work independently.

  5. Honest, confident, high degree of enthusiasm; have a good team spirit, professionalism; good observation and response capabilities, good sense and communication power.


  1. Responsible for collecting relevant information;

  2. Responsible for the quotations;

  3. Assist the production of tenders;

  4. Assist Sales Manager to achieve sales promotion;

  5. Perform other ancillary work.

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