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¡¡¡¡Guangzhou KONE KONE Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary industry, is the Department's electronic information industry, the main high-tech enterprises, to LED lights, LED display, LED Lighting, LED time scoring game stadiums and other optoelectronic products promotion. With strong design capability, extensive project management experience, improve the service system, and domestic and foreign leading LED manufacturers work closely with industry to promote the LED-related products in the Chinese Market. As the national environmental protection, energy saving awareness increases, with high brightness, colorful, long life, light and high efficiency of the LED series photoelectric products are increasingly being used for information display, landscape lighting, architectural and other fields and full digital adhering to socially responsible attitude to promote the LED industry, rapid, healthy and orderly development.

¡¡¡¡KONE Industrial was established in November 1992, China, Australia, investment and cooperation jointly established by large enterprises. Currently based in Guangzhou City, the banks of the famous scenic spot Luhu. Group including the Department of three major industries: electronics and information systems tech industry, traditional industry lines and Department of Environmental Protection Industry. We have been adhering to the endless pursuit of excellence and innovative ideas, "concern for the masses and serve the community" is our aim. KONE Industrial organization set up in the rising at the same time, close to the market, fully reflect the "market-oriented, to develop the main line" of the operating characteristics. At the same time, KONE continued to create business value in the process, but also actively take more social responsibility.

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